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"If you build it, they will come" is one of the biggest myths of establishing an online presence for your business. There’s a lot more to marketing than just a spiffy website, especially for businesses marketing locally. Local businesses need to be discovered by the right local people, at the right time.

That's where we can help. 

At Sidewalk Branding, we take a holistic approach to SEO (search engine optimization). We look at your total digital footprint - beyond your website - to increase your business's visibility within your marketing area. With more than 23 years' experience in the digital marketing and advertising industry, we know how to use a smart mix of paid and organic strategies to help your website rise in the search engine results and reach more people.


A Rhode Island SEO, Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency

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Chris Sheehy - Local SEO Specialist & Founder

Since 1997 (pre-Google), Chris has been obsessed with rankings, SEO, and all things digital marketing and advertising. His passion is to help local businesses get found online, drive more leads to their websites, and ultimately get the most out of their hard-earned marketing and advertising dollars. Check out his credentials before inking with anyone else.

Here to serve local businesses - and our industry colleagues:
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Business Services

Full-Service Digital Marketing, Advertising & SEO for Local Businesses


Stand apart from competitors, get found online, and grow your business!


With more than 23 years' experience in the digital marketing industry, we know what works - and what doesn't. If you've been let down by other agencies, disappointed by the lack of results, or you only see dollar signs when you think about marketing and advertising, allow us to show you how easy and affordable a successful strategy can be. Our client profile includes sole-operators, micro-small-medium-sized businesses, local and global franchise operations, and Entrepreneur 500 corporations in a variety of industry verticals.


If you're curious if we're a good fit, the answer is yes.

Agency Services

More power to you - via Outsourced & Reseller SEO, and Digital Marketing &  Advertising Services.


Let's collaborate to provide all the services your clients need with accessible local providers (us!)


As an agency (or freelancer), would you like to offer more services to your clients without adding overhead? By focusing on what your agency does best; and outsourcing some tasks to us, you can increase revenue, boost your value to clients, and offer a comprehensive suite of services to help your clients succeed. From one-off projects to full-service deliverables, we do it all - no minimums, and we have the most flexible terms around.


Our success is measured by your clients' success.

What is SEO? Here's how Google explains it (3-min)

What We Do

Digital Advertising

Paid advertising can help you reach a previously untapped audience. Today's advertising platforms allow you to target your ads to reach the exact people who are searching for your products or services. Advertising on Google & Bing Ads can generate more leads and increase sales more effectively than any other online platform.


Digital Marketing

SEO is a combination of organic strategies that help search engines recognize the value in your website and reward it with higher rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages). We leverage your existing website, content, images, business listings, video, and audio, and optimize them using technical SEO strategies and keywords relevant to your business.


With decades of experience to elevate your business's knowledge of marketing and advertising, founder Chris Sheehy shares his award-winning methodologies with small business groups/associations, and is available for lecturing and presenting nationwide or virtually. He also offers agency and freelance coaching and consulting services one-on-one or for your team to increase your agency's proficiency and service offerings.

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