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#hashtag Nirvana

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Did You Know Hashtags Show Up As Results On Search Engines Like Google And Bing, or that the underscore is the only special_character that you can use?

A hashtag sign done old-school with incandescent light bulbs - Las Vegas style

Yup, search engines index #tags from all around the interweb - social media sites, websites, video & image sites, and in the properties of files like video, images, and documents.

And when constructing your tags, using an underscore is a great way of personalizing or customizing them by emphasizing word parings.

Here's how I might use them...




In these examples, I know that #seo is already a major tag, the same for #smallbusiness, #rhodeisland, and #seotips while #sidewakbranding is my brand. So, I'm using the underscore to create new tags and join multiple high-visibility tags. Got it! It's that easy.

Why should you care?

Well, typically, what happens on social media stays on social media. All of your awesome posts, selfies, and articles stay where you put them - without using a #hashtag. But adding hashtags bridges the captive audience on social media bringing your content to the masses via search engine visibility.

So… use them everywhere you can add a line of text, and you just might open your content up to a fresh new audience.


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