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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

We get many of questions from clients who are new to promoting their business online. Below are some of the most frequently asked (answered). If you don't see your particular question answered, get in touch! 


What Is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it’s a tactic of making changes to your website so that it has greater:

  1. Indexability - a search engine's ability to see and include your website in search results
  2. Visibility - where your site ranks on the search engine results page -
  3. Discoverability - a human's ability to find your site in the search results
Changes to the things that people can see like text and images as well as behind-the-scenes changes that search engines can see, are the primary components of SEO. There are about 200 of these things for each page of your website.

What are Keywords?

A keyword is typically the nouns or verbs in the string of words you either type or speak when searching for something on a search engine, like Google, Bing, or Edge. These represent the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a search. The most popular (read: optimized) pages that attract these keywords are likely the ones best suited to answer the searchers interest or intent. These will be the ones at the top of the search results page. We look at historical and futures-trend keyword data when optimizing a web page for better visibility (ranking). Keywords are the basis for all online marketing and advertising.

What elements on my web pages affect my Google rankings?

It's been published there are over 200 datapoints on every page of your website that determine if your business will show up for a Google search on page #1 or #101. You might be glad to hear, not all 200 of these points impact every business or every page of your website, but it all needs to be evaluated and a strategy in place to make the changes most likely to result in getting you closer to the #1 page than #101

Are business listings still important for local SEO? I heard they weren't...

They absolutely are still important - but probably not how you think. Business Citations (aka: directory listings), not only provide an additional and accessible entry point to your business on search engines, but are also used by search engines to quantify the data they have about your business. Things like your business name, address, phone number, website, and selected category of business are picked up by search engines and double-checked against their data. If there's a mismatch - your visibility (ranking) could drop until the data matches. And there's the value of citation management, to assure all this data is accurate and to correct it should, it change without your intent (which happens with some frequency). An added benefit of business citation management is that the top citation sources that we use - are also the ones most likely for you to get a review! Managing your citations is like hitting a two-run-homer⚾, you get twice the return for your input.

How long does SEO take before I can expect to see results?

9-12 months is the average timeframe it takes for website changes to begin to show results for your efforts. For some sites, it could be 6-9 months, and for others it could be longer than 12. The percentage-to-compliance of Google standards at the onset of an SEO campaign is a good indicator of how long it will take. In the most simplistic of terms, the more a website deviates from Google's guidelines and standards - the more changes need to be made and the longer it will take to shift your results. Time also plays a role here, the longer a website operated outside the compliance range - the longer it will take to change course. So, while you're waiting for your SEO changes to take root, invest in citation management (upswing is near-instant to 6-months) and paid ads like on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads (AOL, Bing, Edge) which have lift in as little as 72-hours and are well-vested in about 90-days. A good strategy is like good gardening, you want your plantings to be in constant state of bloom and color - not just in the early spring and fall. 🌼🌷🌻🌼🌼

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